Adam's Recycling

Gardena Goes Green!

Adam Perkins, Touchet Schools Class of 2008, author of such one-liners as "Go Home," and "No Barb" is starting a new business in the Touchet/Gardena area. With several years of experience already under his hat he is venturing forward to help turn your trash (well, at least the recyclable portion) into cash so that he can go shopping and buy a Go-Bot, Transformer...or something like that.

Partnering up with Marty Gerke of Walla Walla Recycling, Adam will come by your place on Mondays to pick up and sort your paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass. Just make a stack or pile, or purchase one of these cool totes and Adam will come by and take it to town.

When you sign up now you can get the first month's service for free, suggested donation after that is $5-$10 a month. Adam will keep all the revenue from the material turned in. He has years of experience sorting the recyclables under the tutelage of Dana Dunning, Patty Adams, Barb Curfman and Nick Plucker.

Yes, that's right, curb side recycling pick up in the local area by a renowned professional!

Service expected to start in October, 2011.

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